Today I need to blog all by myself – Andy is hiding away so I am not tempted to ask him for any help!

It has been a busy week. Each time I cross something off the to-do list, something else seems to be added to the bottom. It feels like I am finally getting ahead though, with the list now having more things ticked than not. The excitement levels are going through the roof. Anna has been excited for ages, but now she is the calmer of the two kids. Matt packed his bag today and I think it really hit him that we are almost going. It is really neat to see them both so excited, although they keep telling me it is my fault that they are so excited. Anna is having trouble getting to sleep at night, Matt and I are just doing the early waking thing.

We are trying to pack light, or as light as we can given that we will experience 4 seasons over the next couple of months. There is plenty of space in the cases (although not enough room to fit all the people who have asked to stow away!), but we have filled some of it with Kiwi treats for the Scots. Squiggles are a particular favorite so there are a few packets of them going with us. Once we empty out the goodies, there will be room for shopping.

The next blog entry should be after the adventure begins!

Some of the goodies hiding in our bags.

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