Exploring Chicago

  View from the room.   Sears Tower in the top left background. Something different on the lower floors of this building   If you look close at the bottom left you'll be able to see the three layers of roadway that run alongside the river Cloudy up the tower today Lake Michigan 103 stories up!

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Chicago Day Two

Much warmer today with some rain about, but not a bad day for taking in some of the sights. Two of Chicago's three layers: Subway, Road Level and L Train The shops are well geared up for Christmas The Bean  

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Wandering through Harvard

It's dark about 4pm, but decided for an explore of Harvard anyway and to track down some dinner. Found a nice easy dinner spot at http://www.mrbartley.com/mrbartleys-home.html Great meal, the place packed with locals.

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A day in Boston

The view Boston from the hotel   Spent a bit of time wandering Boston on a clear, but very cold, winters day. First few photos are from the walk beside the river past M.I.T.     Now we're into the city centre with the original State Legislature where the Boston Tea Party and the American revolution began.  Here's with Samuel Adams, John Hancock and the others you'll need to Google, kicked…

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