A bar in Doolin

Nothing like listening to an Irish chap singing Crowded House in a bar in County Clare as you enjoy lamb shanks and Smithwick's. https://flic.kr/p/2fH3X4U

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Images from the UK and Ireland

Old vs New from the city of London Seaside town Emerald Isle Seaside lodging Thames Sunset Cliffs of Moher Cliffs of Moher The Shard Cliffs of Moher Rush Hour UKIreland-12 Harbour View UKIreland-16 UKIreland-15 UKIreland-14 UKIreland-13 University of Mamheaster

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A Few Final Thoughts
The Rialto view

A Few Final Thoughts

So here we are back in New Zealand, reflecting on our hectic seven weeks in Europe. Several people have asked if I'm going to write one final blog, and there probably should be some sort of conclusion. It's taken a while as things didn't quite work out as planned on our return. Winter would not have been our first choice of season to visit Europe, but it was the only option…

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Lantau Island

We still hadn't found any good breakfast options and sadly ended up at McDonalds again. At least it's quick and we dined in today for variety. We braved the end of the morning rush hour as we caught the MRT to Lantau Island. We were only squashed in like sardines for a short time and then the train was half empty. It was great to get a seat for the half…

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Homeward Bound

There was no way we were eating McDonalds for breakfast a third time, so we needed a new plan. We had a mid-afternoon flight, so decided a late breakfast and late lunch would work well. We'd grabbed a few snacks from the supermarket to keep us going while we packed our bags for the last time, then headed off for our last morning of sightseeing. Last MRT rides - uncrowded this…

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