Off to Slovenia

It was time to move on again, but no early start required. We were heading for Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. On our last trip we had briefly detoured into Slovenia enroute to Austria, and been really taken with this tiny country. We had decided it was worth a little more of a look this time around. Most European cities are well connected by trains, but not the Venice to…

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Heading North to Venice

Today it was farewell to Rome. I'm glad we gave Rome another chance, we have absolutely loved it on this visit. Although we were sad to say goodbye, we felt as if we had seen what we wanted to see. It was a fairly early start with an 8:30am train to Venice. There was no need to book a taxi though, as there is a taxi stand downstairs from the apartment.…

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Another Amazing Day in Rome

This morning we wanted to have an unrushed explore around the Forum and Palatine Hill. These ruins cover a huge area next to the Colosseum. The Forum was the social, economic and religious centre of Ancient Rome, and some of the buildings are remarkably intact. We hadn't visited these sites on our last trip to Rome, so we were really keen to have a look around. Rome public transport is more…

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Ancient Rome

It's 25 years since Andy and I visited Rome. I have to admit I didn't really like Rome last time. It was hot, grey, dusty and we were a bit cultured out by the time we arrived. We were looking forward to giving Rome another chance, and the heat wasn't going to be an issue with highs of around 3 degrees. The locals were all shivering but we are used to…

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An Epic Train Journey

It was another early start today, and another serious day of travel. We needed to get from Chur to Rome by train, a distance of nearly 1000km. Chur might seem like an unusual destination in Switzerland, but this small city is the starting point for the famous Bernina Express. This 144 km scenic train journey winds its way over the Engadin Alps, crossing 196 bridges and going through 55 tunnels. This…

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