A Lazy Day

The weather forecast was pretty lousy for today, so we thought it was a good chance to have a catch up day. The kids were keen to have a spa experience, so they took off on the bus to Kaprun to soak for a few hours. We walked down to the station with them to show them where to go, not releasing that there was another bus stop really close to…

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Checking Out the Mountain

The kids were really keen to hit the slopes today. Matt was still not eating much and was really low on energy, but he wanted to give it a try anyway. Staying opposite the gondola makes it very easy to come back any time. My plan was to do two ski days, so I joined the kids for the first of my two days. Like most Europeans resorts, gondolas and cable…

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Chaos on the Trains

There are always mixed feelings when moving on. Some sadness with leaving a wonderful place, but also the excitement of going to another new destination. Slovenia might have seemed like an unusual place to go, but we have absolutely loved it. I have no doubt we'll be back. Today's journey should have been a simple train ride with a quick change at Schwarzach St Veit in Austria. It turned out to…

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Caves and Castles

Ljubljana is a delightful small city, but it doesn't have any must-see attractions. It works well as a base though as there are some great places to visit nearby. Slovenia has some of the best caves in the world, the two most famous being Postojna and Skopje. They are very different, so it was hard to choose. In the end we chose Postojna as it was easier to get to and…

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Venice by Vaporetti

It was nice to have a more leisurely start today. This is our last stop with breakfast included, so we made the most of it. The breakfast was very Italian - this is the first place we have had four types of cake to choose from at breakfast. Italian Breakfast Food We had no particular plans for today, except to soak up the atmosphere of this unique city. We started with…

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