Lantau Island

We still hadn't found any good breakfast options and sadly ended up at McDonalds again. At least it's quick and we dined in today for variety. We braved the end of the morning rush hour as we caught the MRT to Lantau Island. We were only squashed in like sardines for a short time and then the train was half empty. It was great to get a seat for the half…

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Homeward Bound

There was no way we were eating McDonalds for breakfast a third time, so we needed a new plan. We had a mid-afternoon flight, so decided a late breakfast and late lunch would work well. We'd grabbed a few snacks from the supermarket to keep us going while we packed our bags for the last time, then headed off for our last morning of sightseeing. Last MRT rides - uncrowded this…

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Crazy Hong Kong

Waking up was a struggle this morning, that 7 hour time change had us sleepy until early afternoon. I hadn't been able to find a suitable hotel with breakfast, so our first job was to find some food. Three of us can't stomach eggs, which made our choices quite limited. In the end we resorted to McDonalds, something we usually avoid doing in foreign countries (and at home!). Winter in Hong…

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Fog and Sunshine

Today was our last day in Zell am See. It was a repeat of yesterday with thick fog in the valley and blue skies up top. The kids took off together for their last ski day. We had plans for winter hiking, although weren't sure where we would hike. We called into the tourist office to get a few ideas, then set off on a short hike that went along the…

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Goodbye Europe

Today was the day none of us were looking forward to. It was time to pack up again and farewell Europe. It has been an incredible few weeks and the crazy amounts of snow have made the last week extra special. I never imagined that a low altitude Austrian resort would give us the amazing winter experience we've had. The skiing was great, but it was all the other Austrian experiences…

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