The weather forecast was pretty lousy for today, so we thought it was a good chance to have a catch up day. The kids were keen to have a spa experience, so they took off on the bus to Kaprun to soak for a few hours. We walked down to the station with them to show them where to go, not releasing that there was another bus stop really close to where we are staying. It was a beautiful walk through the snowy streets though, and such a novelty to wander around with fat snowflakes falling. There really is something so magical about snow coming down.

Walking to Station

We took the scenic route back to the apartment with a leisurely walk down the lake in the snow. The forecast was actually for rain in the village, but it must have been slightly colder than expected and it snowed all day long. There is so much snow here already, and it just keeps on coming.

The Zell am See lake
The entrance to our apartments – so much snow everywhere
Zell am See town

We found an authentic Austrian restaurant for our lunch. The food here is quite heavy, but just what you need in the chilly weather. Andy couldn’t resist another schnitzel, I branched out with a hearty beef goulash served with spƤtzle, a sort of Austrian noodle.

It was a very lazy afternoon, something we all enjoyed. The kids returned from their spa adventure, and had loved their three hours there. The spas here are incredibly well organised and spotless. You get a wrist band which opens your locker and also allows you to buy food, then you just pay on the way out. There’s lots of pools and water features, with massage jets, waterfalls and a water slide. The water isn’t particularly hot, but it doesn’t need to be as the inside is super heated so you never feel cold.

Our only excursion in the afternoon was a quick visit to a nearby cafe for a dose of apple strudel. Matt was starting to get his appetite back, so we ventured out to a local restaurant for dinner. “Crazy Daisies” had a wide selection of food to keep us all happy. Prices are pretty reasonable here, very different to neighbouring Switzerland! It was great to have a quieter day relaxing in such a beautiful place.

Afternoon Tea
Walking to Dinner
Crazy Daisies

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