I’ve had quite a few people ask me over the last few days when the blogs for our latest adventure will begin. With a few hours to kill at Auckland airport before our flight, now seems like a good time to get started. We can’t quite believe we’re about to hop on a flight to the USA. The last few weeks have been crazy busy and we’ve been so focused on getting everything done that we’ve almost forgotten why we are in such a rush! After feeling pretty organised and under control earlier in the week, the wheels have wobbled and almost fallen off in the last 24 hours. With a few unplanned “extras” added to the week, it was a struggle to make it to the finish line today. Yesterday there was an unplanned visit to the vet with Charli who was bitten by another cat earlier in the week. She could have picked a better time to have her first injury, but we are grateful to leave her in good hands. Lauren (the best house sitter) and my wonderful friend Anna (who happens to be a vet) have promised to keep an eye on her. Today there was an unplanned visit to the dentist after my tooth broke during dinner yesterday. I had to beg and bribe the dentist to squeeze me in. Taking chocolates to the dentist seemed a bit strange, but even dentists need treats and I guess that’s why they invented toothbrushes.

So here we are. One hour to take off now and finally feeling like we can get excited. Today was a hot day in Auckland, too hot for house work and rides in vans to airports. We are actually rather looking forward to some chillier weather. It might be a different story if the mercury dips as low as it did in the States a few days ago, but for the next week or so the weather looks very pleasant. It’s 12 hours on the flight to San Francisco tonight and then a short flight on to Las Vegas tomorrow.


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